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For many years, I suffered with GI symptoms that nearly ruined my life.  Even after drastically changing the way I eat by switching to the paleo diet, I still wasn’t able to completely get rid of all of the symptoms.  Why?  Because I suffered from the arcane disorder known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS for short.

Up until recently, doctors had no clue what caused IBS and would just chock it up to stress.  Without a known cause for IBS, there was no way of finding a cure.  The best doctors could do was prescribe a bunch of diet protocols to help manage symptoms.   In short, people with IBS were left feeling helpless, frustrated, and debilitated.

Luckily, the research is finally catching up and doctors are realizing that IBS is a nervous system problem whose cause lies in the gut-brain connection.  Not only do we now know what is causing IBS, but we have protocols which are proven to cure IBS.  Yes, a life without IBS is possible.

In this series, I will share the knowledge I’ve acquired during my battle against IBS, including details of the treatment protocols which I used to get rid of IBS for good.  I hope that you will find this helpful so you can get rid of IBS and move on with your life.

  1. Symptoms of IBS
  2. Types of IBS pain
  3. Diagnosing IBS
  4. IBS vs. IBD
  5. Digestion system
  6. Gut brain connection
  7. What Everyone Should Know about Gut Flora Dysbiosis
  8. Is Your IBS Really Misdiagnosed SIBO?
  9. How Food Poisoning May Cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  10. How Taking Antibiotics Can Cause IBS
  11. 6 Ways Bad Diet Causes IBS
  12. The Truth about IBS and Stress
  13. The 4 Most Common IBS Treatment Methods
  14. What is Low FODMAP and How Does It Help IBS?
  15. The Best Probiotic for IBS? 4 Probiotics Scientifically Proven to Work
  16. The Little-Known IBS Treatment which Actually Works (Prokinetics)


Do you have IBS?  Download our free guide 7 Things You Wish Your Doctor Told You About IBS.



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