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If you’re reading this series, my guess is that you have been diagnosed with SIBO or you suspect that you may have it. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

When I was first diagnosed with SIBO, I was actually relieved because I’d been jumping from one doctor to another. Based on my symptoms, it seemed very likely that I could have SIBO. When I asked the first doctor to test me, he just rolled his eyes. The second doctor told me to go ahead and assume I had SIBO and, without bothering to test me, prescribed me antibiotics.

It didn’t work. (Turns out that SIBO can’t be fixed by simply taking a pill!)

Luckily, my third doctor did test me and, sure enough, by then I had a severe case of methane dominant SIBO, which is the hardest to treat.

Of all the diagnoses I’ve had over the years, SIBO has been one of the most frustrating one and the most complex to treat.  Except for a few specialists, most doctors are not very knowledgeable on this subject and many are quick to dismiss it as something of nominal importance.  Some think it doesn’t even exist and that you should just treat the symptoms and quit your whining.

Even in the hands of a SIBO specialist, such as the ones at the SIBO center in Portland, Oregon, there’s only so much that can be done in a 30 or 60 minute consultation and the bulk of it is in your hands between appointments.

Does this sound familiar to you? I understand your frustration.  I understand what it’s like to want to feel well.  I also understand how demoralizing it is when you finally start eating healthy foods and get sicker instead of getting better.

I hope that this series about Treating SIBO can provide you with the information you need to navigation your way through diagnosing the condition, understanding treatment options, a prevention strategy, and your diet.  Your health is your hands and you deserve it.


Part 1: What is SIBO

Part 2: Symptoms of SIBO

Part 3: Causes of SIBO

Part 4: Diagnosing SIBO

Part 5: Breath Tests for SIBO

Part 6: Hydrogen vs. Methane SIBO

Part 7: Antibiotics for SIBO

Part 8: Herbal Antibiotics for SIBO

Part 9: Elemental Diet for SIBO

Part 10: Diet for SIBO


SIBO Success Stories

I had eColi about 20 years ago and my digestive system hasn’t been the same since then. I searched for an answer for years – test after test after test. I went gluten free 4 years ago and that helped at first, but then the symptoms came back. I finally found a naturopath who suggested that I get tested for SIBO (which I had never even heard of). I took the test and was positive for SIBO (hydrogen only).

On Dec. 7th, I started the SCD/Low Fodmap diet and herbal antibiotics (oregano, allicin and berberine – 2 pills of each, 3 times a day). I only made it for two weeks before I had to take a break because I felt so horrible. Severe exhaustion, migraines, d, stomach aches, etc. I went a few days with no herbs and then started back on the berberine and allicin (I gave up on the oregano – too strong for me). I stayed on the diet the whole time and never cheated. I took the herbs for two more weeks, waited a few days and retook the test and it was NEGATIVE!!! I feel so good now and plan to continue the diet.

I am now taking HCL with meals and MotilPro and Nature’s Calm magnesium before bed and I have never felt better. I lost 20 pounds and am able to work out again without feeling exhausted. I just took my first trip since being on this diet (Mexico) and was able to travel without too much extra work.



IBS/SIBO no longer controls me.  When I say it controlled me, I mean in nearly every facet of my life.  I built my schedule around it, I would have to cancel plans on a frequent basis, I would lie in my bed crying from the pain and hopelessness, and I even had to quit some of my favorite activities such as going to yoga classes and playing racquetball because of my room-clearing flatulence.  Back then, I had a bowel movement an average of every 3 to 4 days and when I did, it was not pretty (I will spare you the details).  My skin was so itchy every night that my legs would bleed from all the scratching.  The only remedy that I had was to take a benadryl and place ice packs over my legs to numb the pain.  Western Medicine had no answers for me.  They told me I just had to live with it.

Jump forward about three years and here I am today.  I have control over my condition and it is liberating!  I have had a healthy bowel movement  every single day (except about 5 times) for the past 9 months.  I no longer have smelly gas and itchy skin only happens if I become a little too brazen with my food choices.  Plus- my face is acne-free!

Before you get too excited by how easy I make it sound to heal, I must tell you that these improvements have not come without hard work and determination.  I have had to make drastic changes in my life in order to achieve this level of health.  I follow a very clean eating regimen that is in tune with my body.  If you are ready to make changes in your life, than I believe that you can get better too!

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I have by no means kicked SIBO and anticipate fighting this for a long time to come… but I am chipping away at it, and am almost symptom free.  I’ve done two rounds of herbals (neem, oregano, berberine, allicin) and one round of xifaxan plus neomycin.  I’m waiting for my 3rd retest.  So far I’ve only made small dents with meds.  What has made ALL of the difference for me is diet.  I am strict low fodmap paleo… But most important for me, for now, has been a ketogenic diet.  I keep my fat between 75-80% and I feel like a million bucks.  I used to bloat 80% of the time (along with the big C and other awful symptoms) – now that is down to MAYBE 1-2 days a month and almost always because of a histamine issue.


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Treating SIBO - Hollywood Homestead


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