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The New Year is almost here, which means it is time for reflections on all of the things we learned, accomplished, and overcame in 2013.  While Thanksgiving and Christmas are not my favorite holidays New Years and new beginnings are something I get excited about.  I love the somewhat obligatory reflection and the chance to make plans for the year ahead.  My favorite book to re-read this time of year is this one.  Actually, I think I can say it is because of that book that this blog was up and running in March of this past year!

To help bring in the New Year, I thought I’d take a look at the posts which you loved the most this year.  I love reading your comments on the blog and on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

In case you missed them the first time around, here they are: the Top 10 most popular posts from Hollywood Homestead in 2013.  Enjoy!


10. Rendering Fat into Tallow

beef tallow

In the paleo world we know that saturated fat is crucial to our health.  Saturated fatty acids make up at least 50% of all our cell membranes and they are important for the immune system, protecting the liver, and much more.  If you want to make your own healthy cooking fat from grass-fed beef or lamb, then check out this post on how to render fat into tallow.

(Read the post here)

9. Paleo Guacamole with Bacon Fat

Bacon Guacamole

Yes, I am a baconaholic and yes, I consider bacon a gateway drug to paleo.  At our home, we don’t just eat bacon.  We also find ways to use the fat – like this super easy recipe for guacamole with bacon fat.  It is delicious and healthy to boot!

(Get the recipe here)

8. Why I Choose Magnesium Over Melatonin to Induce Sleep

why i choose magnesium over melatonin

For years they’ve told us that melatonin is the way to get to sleep.  Yeah, melatonin will put you to sleep but not in the “natural” way you might have thought.  This post is all about why I steer clear of melatonin and why magnesium is such a better option.

(Read the post here)

7. Banana Fries Paleo Style

banana fries

As a mom of three kids, I can vouch to how quickly these banana fries disappear.  Okay, they might be a bit indulgent and we only eat them as a treat but holy (grass-fed) cow they are delicious!

(Get the recipe here)

6. Six Terrible Reasons to Circumcise Your Infant

6 Terrible Reasons to Circumcise your Infant

Wow this post got a lot of reactionary comments from you all. It isn’t too late to weigh in on why you would or wouldn’t choose to circumcise your child.

(Read the post here)

5. Rainy Day Paleo Hot Chocolate (Dairy Free)

paleo hot chocolate

Forget those packets of store-bought hot chocolate with all the processed sugars and crap in them.  This recipe for paleo hot chocolate is creamy, soothing, and sinfully good.

(Get the recipe here)

4. Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

homemade deodorant

Ready to ditch deodorants and all of the aluminum, parabans, phthalates, and other ingredients which you can’t pronounce? Making your own deodorant is surprisingly easy and this recipe is great even for delicate flowers like me with sensitive skin.

(Read the instructions here)

3. Salt n’ Pepper Sweet Potato Fries

paleo sweet potato fries

No, you don’t have to batter sweet potatoes in flour to get them crispy. This 100% gluten-free recipe uses arrowroot and healthy oils to create a tasty treat that the whole family will love.

(Get the recipe here)

2. How to Make Gelatin Rich Bone Broth

gelatin rich bone broth

Real bone broth is made from cooking leftover bones.  The result is a tasty broth which is rich in gelatin – a substance which is good for your bones, ligaments, skin, hair, teeth, and gut.  Here are simple instructions on how to make your own gelatin-rich bone broth from scratch.

(Read the post here)

1. Forget Botox! Drink Bone Broth for Amazing Skin

bone broth for amazing skin

2013 was the year of bone broth!  You all loved this post about the wonders of bone broth for your skin.  So, if you aren’t motivated to do paleo because it will make you

feel great, then consider doing it because it will make you look great too.

(Read the post here)


 What was your favorite post from 2013?  What would you like to see covered in 2014?

Have a happy and healthy New Year everyone!!!




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