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The Best Grain-Free Pumpkin Recipes for Fall - Hollywood Homestead

It’s that time of year again! We’ll blink and it’ll be Thanksgiving. 🙂

Here in Abu Dhabi, it feels more like spring than fall but that doesn’t mean I can’t join you in making all the pumpkin things!

Need some ideas? Here are my 4 favorite pumpkin recipes:

Super Easy Pumpkin Pudding!  

This pumpkin recipe is from my ebook, The Gelatin Secret.  Not only are you getting a delicious dessert which is easy to make, but it contains the superfood gelatin which is great for your skin, hair, bones, teeth, gut, joints, and more!  Yes, you can feel good about serving pumpkin treat up.

Super Easy Pumpkin Pudding Recipe (with gelatin!) - Hollywood Homestead


Pumpkin Purée

This pumpkin puree is made with just 5 ingredients, and one of them is bone broth so it is packed with minerals and nutrients. Blend everything up and you’ve got a side dish for your Thanksgiving dinner.


Pumpkin Muffins

Think that you have to give up muffins just because you’ve gone paleo?  Nope! These simple fall treats are made with no flour at all, and get their sweetness from real maple syrup.

Paleo pumpkin muffins 1


Pumpkin Pie

What makes this pumpkin pie recipe so creamy?  It is the avocado in it — yes, avocado!  The coconut milk and raw cashews also make it extra flavorful and satisfying.



All of these pumpkin recipes are grain free of course, and pretty easy to make!

Would love to hear what you think. Another recent obsession of mine is the pumpkin bread from the meal plans I use and love. That’s quickly becoming a staple over here… Really, it’s gotta stop. 😉

The Best Grain-Free Pumpkin Recipes for Fall - Hollywood Homestead

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