How To Brew Kombucha WM

New to kombucha?  Then read my post on what is kombucha and kombucha benefits.  Ready to get starting making kombucha?  Here is how to to make kombucha.

How to Brew Kombucha at home:

To make your own kombucha, you will need:


  1.    Boil ½ gallon of water.
  2.    Pour ½ cup sugar into bowl.
  3.    Place tea bags or tea strainer with tea in center of bowl.
  4.    Pour water over tea and sugar – we use about 2 tablespoons of green tea per ½ gallon.
  5.    Place scoby and starter liquid in the clean ½ gallon mason jar.
  6.    Mix tea until sugar has dissolved.
  7.    Wait for tea to cool to room temperature (hot water will kill or damage the scoby so this is important).
  8.    Once cool, pour tea into jar with the scoby.
  9.    Cover the jar with cloth using the rubber band to secure it (fruit flies love this stuff so don’t use cheesecloth- t-shirt material is much better).
  10.    Depending on the temperature and the size of the scoby the kombucha should be ready in about a week.  Keep testing it until it tastes like you want it!
  11.  Second fermentation: If you’d like to flavor your booch, bottle it (I use my store bought booch bottles that I saved or mason jars) add a few berries or fruit juice or lemon and ginger (the possibilities are endless!) and let it sit in the cupboard a few more days.  The Kombucha sucks all the flavor from the berries and tastes delicious! You can strain the fruit out or if you’re lazy like me, leave it in.
  12.  Once its done, place in the fridge to slow down the fermentation.  It WILL keep fermenting in the fridge so you may want to burp (open and close) the bottles if leaving them in for several weeks so the pressure doesn’t build up too much.

Video Instructions on How to Make Continuous Brew Kombucha:

You can purchase a kombucha continuous brewer here.

Here are some recipes for flavored kombucha:

homemade kombucha

Save that SCOBY – It will last a long time, and another one will form.  Take the new one out of the jar and put it in another jar so you can start another ½ gallon.   Once you have several, you can start a SCOBY hotel!  Just place them all in a jar making sure the liquid is covering them.  If you seal the jar with a regular lid instead of the t-shirt it will slow down the evaporation and fermentation which is what you want for your hotel.

Some of the flavors we’ve tried are this apricot kombucha and this strawberry kombucha.  You can’t go wrong!

kombucha scoby

Sit back and enjoy your health and savings!

You can even make kombucha popsicles.  My kids love them!

What do you do with your booch other than drink it on the rocks? Tell me below! I’m dying to know…

Want to learn more about fermenting food? Check out Oh Lardy’s Guide to Fermenting Fruits & Vegetables. You will get easy instructions and delicious recipes to put you on the road to better health.

fermenting book

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