Kombucha popsicles

I asked Kombucha Mama for her thoughts on whether freezing kombucha would kill ALL the probiotic benefits of it.  My kids love popsicles and I was just wondering if they’re getting any probiotic benefit even though just benefitting from not having sugar spiking ones is enough reason for me to make it.

She said:

even if the probiotics die, which it’s hard to say if they would revive in the stomach, the beneficial acids/vitamins & other stuff is all still there. There’s also research that dead bacteria can pass DNA signatures onto living bacteria enabling them to still have a positive influence. All in all, it’s good to get more booch in the diet however you like to do it”.

Works for me! 

How To Make Kombucha Popsicles

making kombucha popsicles

  1. Brew kombucha (with these instructions, or check out these posts on our strawberry kombucha and apricot kombucha
  2. Pour booch in molds. (I like these and these)
  3. Freeze
  4. Serve!

I’m serious, that’s all I did.

They love it!

Kombucha Pops

What is your favorite kombucha flavor? 

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