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What is Kombucha? What are the benefits of drinking it?

homemade kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea.  It is a probiotic (contains good bacteria) and is said to help in digestion and detoxification of the body.

Where can I buy kombucha?

Kombucha is gaining traction in the mainstream now. I saw it at Vons the other day.  You’ll find it in the refrigerated section since it is alive.  “Wholepaycheck” has it for $4 and one of the most well known brands is GT Dave’s.  You may recognize this container:


$4 a bottle?!

That’s what I said, especially when my family of 5 started guzzling kombucha like water (not necessarily what I recommend, start slowly if you haven’t had it before).  I set out to experiment making my own kombucha.  I was intimidated at first since I’m no genius in the kitchen and worried I’d kill it or attract insects I’ve never even heard of but surprisingly it has been a cinch.

How do you make kombucha?

I bought a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) online and put in in a gallon mason jar.  I followed the instructions and added sweet tea and waited for it to ferment for a couple weeks.  Just like that I had homemade kombucha for the cost of some organic tea and organic sugar.  I then met Kombucha Mama from Kombucha Kamp at a local Weston A. Price gathering.  I bought her continuous brewer and that’s when the “booch” really took off.  You can play around with flavoring your kombucha with several fruits.  So far our favorites are raspberry and lemon-ginger.  Our kids think its soda and I love that they’re drinking a gut healthy probiotic instead.

You can read the detailed instructions on  How To Brew Kombucha here.

Is it caffeinated? Is it alcoholic?

kombucha scoby

Not really. Some people say they feel the effect of a bit of a caffeine kick, others say they feel a bit of a buzz.  It depends on how long you’re fermenting it.  The “mother” (mushroom, SCOBY) needs caffeine and sugar to grow and stay alive but the amount that remains is nominal.

Can I make it with decaf or herbal tea or sweetener?

kombucha mother

No. It needs caffeinated tea and sugar to grow and survive.  I use organic black or green tea and organic sugar.

What supplies do I need to start making kombucha?

All you need is a SCOBY, a glass jar, a piece of cloth (t-shirt works great), a rubber band, black or green tea and sugar.  Eventually, if you get really into it, I highly recommend a continuous brewer, but wait until you see how much you’re consuming.

Where can I buy a SCOBY?

You can find them on Amazon or Etsy.

Read to get started making kombucha?  Read my detailed instructions on  How To Brew Kombucha.

All About Making your own Kombucha Vertial WM


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