Weight loss is supposed to be simple in theory: eat less, move more and the weight will fall off. But in reality, reaching a healthy weight isn’t always so easy. Insulin sensitivity, gut flora balance, metabolic function and other complex factors play a role in how easy it is to lose body fat. And that’s where using garlic for weight loss comes in.

Is Garlic for Weight Loss a Fad?

We’ve talked about the antifungal and antiviral properties of garlic. There’s no doubt that garlic and its compounds are powerful remedies. But does this really extend to weight loss?

The answer isn’t a clear yes or no. Personally, I believe it’s important to prioritize nourishment first. Even for weight loss, calories don’t count as much as nutrients (especially the right nutrients). Read more on my thoughts about calories and weight loss here.

Garlic can play a role in helping you reach a healthy weight, but it needs to be part of the bigger picture. The goal is to create a lifestyle that supports your health from multiple directions. Within that framework, garlic can give you a boost.

How Garlic Could Help You Lose Weight

  • There is some evidence that garlic can has a thermogenic effect – meaning garlic may increase the metabolic rate and enhance the way our bodies use energy. (source)
  • Allicin, one of the key compounds in garlic, has been shown to have a positive effect on blood pressure, insulin levels, and triglyceride levels. This indicates that garlic may improve metabolic factors that affect our weight. (source)
  • Garlic can help reduce waist circumference, a key indicator of metabolic health, especially because fat in the stomach area is linked to metabolic health risks. (source)

Garlic and Gut Health

Research says the balance of gut flora in your digestive system can affect how easily you gain (or lose) weight. If you have imbalances in the microorganisms in your gut, you may find it impossible to maintain a healthy weight.

Garlic, and particularly the compound allicin, can have life-changing affects on gut flora. That’s why if you have SIBO or other conditions that indicate gut flora imbalance, I highly recommend stabilized allicin along with following my recommendations in The SIBO Solution to resolve these issues.

Chances are if you bring your gut flora into balance, you’ll find it easier to reach a healthy weight.

The Best Ways to Use Garlic for Weight Loss

If your gut health is in great shape, adding 1-2 cloves of fresh garlic to your daily diet can help you reap some of the weight loss benefits (as well as many other potential health benefits).

Dried garlic or garlic powder won’t have the same benefits as raw, crushed garlic, since the active compounds in garlic simply break down too quickly. That’s also why I don’t recommend most garlic supplements (except this one).

Note: If you have SIBO or any other digestive issues, you need avoid eating garlic (read why here). In that case, opt for a stabilized allicin supplement, which is the only garlic or allicin supplement I recommend.

It’s safe for the digestive system, highly concentrated, and completely bioavailable. It’s really the most effective way to get the benefits of garlic.

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