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peach, tomato slices, coconut chips, liverworst with dipping sauce, raw beet slices

This is one of the questions I get most often: How on earth do you pack a lunch without including a sandwich!?

When I first switched the kids to paleo  I was wondering the same thing.

Turns out there is a world of possibilities when you ditch the bread!

This lunchbox makes it really easy to just pack some leftovers, grab an ice pack and water bottle and go.

That’s pretty much what we do most days!

Here’s what it looks like:


leftover bunless burger, sliced beets, sliced peaches, 1/4 avocado and some dairy free/soy free choc chips (note: popcorn is definitely NOT paleo but this was back in transition days…

These are the chocolate chips we use:


grapefruit, tuna with olive oil and salt (homemade mayo when we have it!), pistachios, coconut chips

Where to buy coconut chips:


carrot sticks, watermelon, salmon and broccoli with curry sauce

Curry sauce recipe coming soon!


carrot sticks, avocado, steak and homemade mayo, chocolate chips

Homemade mayo recipe coming soon!

If you’re new to paleo you might find this article useful.  If you’re worried about your kids missing their favorite less than ideal snack I suggest switching one out at a time.

Some items that were helpful during the transition were pure wraps but they are a bit pricey so they’re not something we buy on a regular basis.

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What do you pack in your kids lunches? Any ideas to share for paleo newbies?

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