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Let’s get one thing straight off the bat… I don’t like to make snacks every day, mostly because I’d demolish them in one sitting.  Also, who has time to make snacks when you’ve got breakfast, lunch, and dinner to worry about?  But the truth is snacks are fun! And depending on your activity level, schedule and length between meal times you might need a little something to give you an extra boost of energy until mealtime. While fruits and veggies with healthy fats are great snacks, they might get a bit boring – which is why it is great that someone finally made a cookbook with healthy snack ideas. That someone is Carol Lovett and the e-cookbook is The Grain-Free Snacker. It has 70+ grain-free, dairy-free paleo snack ideas. And guess what? Carol is giving our readers 75% off with the Coupon Code HOLLYWOOD. The coupon expires on November 15th!

Buy The Grain-Free Snacker HERE

The Grain-Free Snacker (stop eating terrible snacks!) - Hollywood Homestead


Before I get into how awesome this cookbook is, I want to point out something about snacking in general. For many of us who are trying to eat healthy, real foods, especially when we’re just getting started, snacking is where we fall off the wagon. We get hungry between meals and suddenly find ourselves eating an entire bag of sugar-laden cookies or potato chips. Or we forget to pack some trail mix while running errands and give in when the kids ask for a nitrate-filled hotdog stuffed into a gut-destroying gluten bun.

It might seem like an occasional unhealthy snack isn’t all that bad. But these snacks add up and chances are they’re hindering your healing progress or body composition goals.  In the case of my kids, I can notice a difference in their behavior and sleep patterns if we succumb to store bought albeit gluten free treats.  Now, I am not advocating for paleo perfection (my family eats paleo about 80-90% of the time), but gluten is something we don’t mess around with (if you don’t know why, then read my post about the gluten-free diet).

grain free snacker

I like that in The Grain-Free Snacker Carol highlights the fact that we have 100% control over what we eat. When we are at home, we have complete control over food. When we are entertaining, we have 100% control over what we serve guests. Even when we are out and about, we still have 100% control over what we eat. She shows this by giving us recipes which are super easy to make, can be taken with you on the go, and will impress your guests – like fruit & nut bars, paté, and chocolate chip cookies.

There are 11 chapters in The Grain-Free Snacker which cover pretty much every type of snack you could want: dips, chips, cookies, baked snacks, bars, meaty snacks… Oh, and did I mention that Carol has a whole chapter on gelatin snacks? Gelatin! I don’t have to tell you how I feel about gelatin, do I!

All of the recipes are pretty simple to make and require no culinary genius. Also, I like that the recipes don’t call for any weird or unusual ingredients. The only specialty ingredient you may need is arrowroot powder, which is a handy dandy item to have in your pantry if you are going grain-free.

Here are some of my favorite grain-free snack recipes from the cookbook:

  • Bacon spinach dip
  • Sweet potato nachos
  • Cranberry macaroons
  • Rosemary crackers
  • Pizza pockets
  • Sweet potato and bacon perogies
  • Spice doughnuts
  • Mini “cheesecakes”

Pizza pockets and perogies?!?! — tell me the kids won’t clamor for these!

grain free snacks

The Grain-Free Snacker is available as an eBook. It has a gorgeous design with lots of beautiful photos and a hyperlinked table of contents. There are 150+ pages of content and over 70 snack recipes which are grain-free, dairy-free, and adhere to Paleo principles.   And here is another cool thing: as a bonus, you get a printer-friendly version too! With these fast, easy, family-friendly snack recipes, you have no excuse for not taking 100% control over your diet.

Buy The Grain-Free Snacker Here.
Remember that you get 75% off with the coupon code HOLLYWOOD. It is good up until November 15th so don’t delay!







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