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The truth is I cannot think of a single aspect of my life that paleo has not positively influenced.  Here are just a few ways paleo improves your sex life.  In case, you know, you’re still on the fence about getting started with paleo

5 Ways Paleo Improves Your Sex Life


Paleo Helps You Lose Weight

Many people lose weight when they go paleo.  Some lose significant weight.  With weight loss comes improved athletic ability, stamina and flexibility – I’m pretty sure I don’t need to elaborate on how this could benefit your sex life.  😉

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Paleo Boosts Confidence and Body Image

When you feel better about yourself and believe you “look good naked” it’s only natural that you may want to get naked a little more often, and perhaps now leaving the light on will be just fine.  This can be gradual as sometimes it takes your mind a little time to catch up with your body.  This book was an eye opener for me on this topic.

Paleo Builds Better Relationships

If nothing else, when you feel healthier you’re in a better mood (just attend Paleo Fx or AHS and you’ll feel it in the air).  All of a sudden you notice yourself arguing less, not sweating the small stuff (and it turns out a lot of things are “small stuff”).  Naturally this attitude leads to improved relationships romantic and otherwise.  In some cases it also leads them to realize they need to move on from a relationship that is no longer working out.  Either way, that leads to a better time in the sack.  At the very least, happy people have a lot less “I’ve got a headache” moments.  Amiright?

paleo boosts sex drive

Paleo Improves Sex Drive

You may have read multiple paleo success stories that involve an increase in libido.  Perhaps it is because paleo is awesome for hormone balancing and when our estrogen, testosterone and all that jazz are in the right balance there’s a good chance a healthy libido will follow suit.  For me personally, I didn’t even have a period more than occasionally before paleo- hormones unbalanced much?  (You can read all about my story here).  Neurotransmitters and stress come into play in libido as well.  I don’t want to go too far on a tangent but will leave this to Stefani Ruper to explain to you in detail how all this works in this brilliant article of hers.

Paleo Increases Fertility

One of the things millions of people struggle with is the the ability to get knocked up.  Needless to say infertility issues don’t lead to the most exciting moments in bed.  For some couples in this predicament getting busy can become a bit of a chore or a means to an end and perhaps even somewhat of a dreaded disappointment.  I’ve often said paleo books and foods should come with a disclaimer: “don’t sue us if you get knocked up”.  Endometriosis, PCOS and other common baby making inhibitors can make things difficult.  For many removing inflammatory foods and increasing nutrient dense foods significantly improves these conditions and help get your body ready for baby making.  If you’re still having trouble getting knocked up I highly recommend this book

 written by two fertility bosses I highly respect.  Of course I don’t mean to oversimplify infertility but changing your diet is definitely a great starting point.

So, what I guess I’m saying is, if you don’t go paleo to get healthy or look hot, do it for the sex.  Come on over to the dark side.  You’re welcome.

Come on peeps, don’t be shy and leave me hanging! What did I miss? Please add it in the comments below!

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