If you’ve been following my Facebook page or Twitter feed you may have noticed I was lucky enough to attend AHS in Atlanta a couple weeks ago.   I’ve been dragging my feet on writing this post because I just didn’t want to wrap up such an awesome experience.  Somehow not writing a recap made it seem like it was still happening.  Silly, I know.

After attending Paleo F(x) earlier this year (I wrote about my experience in this post) and had such an amazing time I scheduled my AHS trip almost immediately when I got back.

I’m constantly reading or listening to books to further my nutrition education throughout the year but there’s something about sitting in a room listening to the experts in person that really cements info in a different way.

That said, hanging out in person with friends we usually only have the chance to chat with online is definitely the highlight of these trips.  For those of us that are living this lifestyle and also teaching others about it, surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals is like recharging our batteries.

One of the highlights of the trip was sharing an apartment with this awesome group of people:

(from left) Ben from BadAssPaleo, (moi), Shirley from Primal Fenix, and Dr. Lauren Noel.

photo credit: Dr. Lauren Noel


We bonded over supplements, lab tests and plenty of bacon and bulletproof coffee.   It was like a 4 day paleo geek party.

Yes, we actually did make it to some of the conference but just as important was all the hanging out we did in between…

Joking around between talks with Ben (BadAssPaleo) and Kendall from Primal Balance.

ben, kendall, me
photo credit: Kendall- Primal Balance


Me and Joe Salama, co-editor of The Paleo Miracle Book

me and joe salama
photo credit: Joe Salama

I also loved finally meeting Sarah aka The Paleo Mom, Mickey Trescott from Autoimmune Paleo, Steve Wright and Jordan Reasoner from SCD Lifestyle, Kyle Maynard and many others that were not able to attend Paleo F(x).

At Paleo F(x) I hustled from conference to conference trying to be everywhere, absorb everything and do ALL THE THINGS! (have I mentioned I’m a bit type A?).


This time I focused on just taking it easy, having fun with my friends, meeting new people and relaxing knowing I could catch all the talks I missed as soon as they’re made available online.

Speaking of the talks, I hope you weren’t actually reading this for a recap of the actual talks.  😉  They will be available online soon here.

I will highlight that my favorites of the few I attended were Sarah Ballantyne’s on autoimmunity, Robb Wolf discussing the City Zero project which is mind blowing no matter how many times I’ve heard about it and Nassim Taleb who, by the way, is hilarious.

Did you attend this year?  If not, I hope to see you at AHS 14!

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