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When my daughter Natalie was 7 years old, we noticed that she had a very slight curve in her back. By age 10 she was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis (her curve was then mild, 10 degrees). As a mother, it was incredibly worrying (to say the least) to know my daughter had a potentially-debilitating condition. The worry was only confounded by the fact that doctors basically have no clue on what causes scoliosis or how to reverse it.  We tried several treatments.  Eventually, Natalie’s curve progressed to over 60 degrees and she had to undergo a major surgery to correct it. I’m happy to say that her surgery was a success and dramatically reduced her curve to just 20 degrees, and that she recovered quickly and without complications.

The entire process of dealing with scoliosis – from learning about the disease to trying numerous different treatments to going through surgery – was a big learning experience. I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone but, if you or your child has a diagnosis of scoliosis, I hope you can learn from our experiences.

In this series, I will get into detail about scoliosis, what causes it, treatments, and much more. Please feel free to share your own experiences in the comments!

Treating Scoliosis - Hollywood Homestead


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