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If you liked my previous post on Paleo kids lunches in photos, you’ll like this one as well!

Here are a couple more ideas to pack for your little ones:

Tuna with turmeric sauce, sweet potato, grapes and peaches

Tuna with turmeric sauce, sweet potato, grapes and peaches

I posted the recipe for the turmeric sauce HERE.

Where to buy good, wild caught tuna.

All these lunches are super quick since they’re usually leftovers (we cook enough for an army, especially on our batch cooking days) or pop open a can of tuna and sardines and maybe dress it up a bit!  Don’t think your kids will ever eat sardines? It may take time but this post on how to get your toddlers to eat paleo may help.

Another toddler paleo lunchbox idea:

Flank steak, carrots and sweet potato/egg pancake

Flank steak, carrots and sweet potato/egg pancake


The recipe for the sweet potato pancake is in Practical Paleo.

Like the lunchbox? This is the one we have and love! Its been tossed around and survived and the dog can’t destroy it!

Need more fabulous lunchbox ideas for your paleo kids? Check out the eBook Joshua’s Prime Lunchbox.  It has over 50 gluten-free, healthy, real-food lunch box ideas and recipes, kid’s snack ideas, and loads of information on how to feed your family healthily.  Get a sneak preview here.

What do you feed your kids for lunch?  Any lunchbox ideas to share? Comment below!

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