how to make ghee

What is ghee?

Ghee is clarified butter that has been cooked down to separate out the milk proteins (casein), which some people, like my oldest daughter, are sensitive to.  It is widely used in Indian cooking and can be used as a replacement for butter or other cooking fats.   If you’re intolerant to butter and other dairy, ghee can be a godsend.  To me it tastes like candy!

When we run out of ghee and time we purchase this pricey but delicious store bought ghee.

Ingredients for making your own ghee:

Directions for making your own ghee:

  1. Place in a pot on LOW heat.
  2. Let simmer slowly until it starts to separate, this may take a couple of hours. The lower the heat the better the results- trust me!
  3. Curd will first float to top, then sink to bottom.
  4. Once it has sunk to the bottom you are ready to filter the Ghee.
  5. Pour through some cheese cloth and into a storage container.
  6. Let cool.
  7. Enjoy!
  8. You can store at room temperature or in the fridge- its up to you!

homemade ghee

  homemade ghee 2

homemade ghee 3

make your own ghee 2

 What is your favorite cooking fat?

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