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paleo breakfast ideas

I often get asked, What do you eat for breakfast if you don’t eat cereal!?


Here’s a quick and easy paleo breakfast idea for a busy weekday…


  • A couple strips of pastured bacon (where to buy the best bacon)
  • 2-3 scrambled eggs (from pastured hens) (where to buy organic, soy-free eggs) 
  • Watermelon, or any local seasonal fruit

To learn more about where I source my meat and veggies, read this post



Voila!  Very quick for a weekday morning!

If you have kids, then try this kid-friendly paleo breakfast idea


What is your favorite weekday breakfast?

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Sylvie McCracken is a former celebrity assistant in Hollywood turned full time entrepreneur currently living in Ashland, Oregon with her husband and 3 kids. She writes about treating and preventing health conditions with real food and natural remedies, as well as anything else she feels like writing about because she's a rebel like that. 😉 She also mentors entrepreneurs on her other site,