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As someone who lives in Hollywood, I know all about how much fun it can be to follow celebrity gossip.  Of all the gossip, celeb diets is one of the most followed topics.  Hey – it’s not a bad thing to want a body like a star!  Aside from the fun of it, people assume that if celebs are doing it, it must be legit.  While it’s true that celebrities often have access to world renown doctors and nutritionists, we can’t be too quick to assume that when celebs start a new diet, it is a sign that the diet is based on science and good information.  I’ve dealt with several of these doctors in my day job, and truly, I wouldn’t trust most of them with my lunch order.

However, unlike with the Beyonce lemon juice starvation diet, paleo ain’t no passing fad!  Starting a few years back, there were rumors of celebs going the caveman route.  A lot of these celebs are sticking to it and flaunting all the great benefits they’ve gotten.

Rumor Has It… That These Celebs Are Eating Like Cavemen!

Jack Osbourne

When it comes to celebrities eating paleo, Jack Osbourne is the name which comes up the most.  He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012 and decided he needed to change his diet to manage the disease.  He has been pretty vocal about his decision to go paleo and how it has helped him.  On Dr. Oz, he said,

“Diet is a big thing. I’m a firm believer in you are what you eat. I juice a lot, I stick to a paleo diet. At its core, I look at MS as inflammation, so I try and eliminate foods that cause inflammation. Dairy, gluten, grains.” (Source)

It sounds like Jack Osbourne is following the autoimmune protocol of paleo.  While we don’t know the specifics of his diet, Osbourne does say he was inspired by the story of Dr. Terry Wahls who overcame MS with diet.  Osbourne may be using the Wahls’ protocol, which is almost identical to autoimmune paleo, to help manage his disease.

Jack Osbourne paleo for MS

Megan Fox

Megan Fox used to follow a strict vegan diet and got bashed for being too skinny and not curvy enough.  (I wrote about why I believe a vegan diet is detrimental to your health in this post).  Well, she gave up that diet and rumor has it that she’s now one of the many celebrities eating paleo.

Megan Fox paleo diet

Jessica Biel

According to the Irish paper The Independent, Jessica Biel attributes her toned body to CrossFit and a paleo-style diet.  We can’t be sure just how much Jessica sticks to the paleo diet, but she has publicly shunned carbs and processed foods and says she eats healthy fats.  Yay, bacon!  If Biel is on the paleo diet, then she is probably sticking to something like the 80/20 approach.

“You have to cheat once in a while. The trick is to know when to stop… When I’m working and I eat healthily all week, then I give myself one day — usually Sunday — when I eat just what I want.”

Jessica Biel paleo diet

Matthew McConaughey

It’s not too surprising that someone who is often called “beefcake” is also rumored to be on the paleo diet. Going back several years, McConaughey has admitted to paleo-style eating, like getting rid of grains and processed foods.  And you saw him in this movie, right?  *clears throat*  Just sayin’!

Matthew McConaughey paleo diet

Miley Cyrus

It is no rumor that Miley Cyrus is anti-gluten.  She has tweeted about how going gluten-free has helped her get into shape.

“Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing. You won’t go back!”

Along with getting rid of gluten, Miley Cyrus is rumored to be one of the celebrities eating paleo.  I like how Miley Cyrus points out that it isn’t just about body image.  She said, “It’s not about weight – it’s about health.  Gluten is crap anyway.” (Source)


Miley Cyrus paleo diet

Tom Jones

At 73, Tom Jones looks amazing, but this wasn’t always the case.  Just a few years ago, he weighed in at about 225 pounds.   Then Tom decided it was time for a change and adapted a paleo diet and lifestyle.  He lost about 35 pounds in 5 months of being on the paleo diet.

“I’d recommend it to anybody. It tells you to get back to the way we used to eat when we were hunters and gatherers. Eat anything that’s natural, meat, fish, veg, which you must eat raw as much as possible.” (Source)

Tom Jones paleo celeb

Gwyneth Paltrow

Not only does Gwyneth Paltrow not eat grains, but her kids don’t either.  Unfortunately, instead of congratulating the actress on helping her family stay healthy by elimination gluten from their diet, she was attacked by the media for “depriving” her children.  If depriving your children of pop tarts is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.  Gwyneth Paltrow recently published this cookbook which is filled with grain free recipes.  I guess she’s more primal than paleo since rumor has it she recently demanded raw unpasteurized milk at at interview.

Gwynyth Paltrow paleo diet

Eva La Rue

Of all the celebrities eating paleo, Eva La Rue of C.S.I. Miami is one of the most vocal advocates of the diet.  She has attributed paleo with helping her keep up with her busy schedule.  She also thanks the paleo diet for helping her look so amazing at her wedding.

“I am a firm believer in The Paleo Solution. I maintain a hectic schedule that starts early and finishes late. Filming a television series, maintaining my fitness, and being a mom can be harrowing some days. Since adopting a Paleo way of eating I look and feel better, and I know that I am setting a good example for my daughter.”

  Eva La Rue paleo diet

Paleo Athletes

There are so many athletes who are rumored to be on the paleo diet that I can’t address them each individually.  Rower Ursula Grobler says that she is strictly paleo before a competition.  Pro boxer Andrew Flintoff says that the Caveman Diet helps him stay in shape. LA Clippers star Grant Hill – who happens to be the oldest player in the NBA – said that the paleo diet has helped him keep up with the younger players.

Kobe Bryant is rumored to be paleo.  While we are at it, we can guess that the rest of the Lakers are probably also following a paleo-style diet because the nutritionist for the team is well-known paleo doctor Cate Shanahan.

athletes on paleo diet

The “Secret” of the Celebrity Diet

Even from the celebs who aren’t rumored to be paleo, you will still find the same diet advice recommended by pretty much all of them:

  • Get rid of processed foods
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid carbs from grains
  • Don’t be afraid to eat meat

Obviously, you can see the connection here.  Most celebs are already following the basic guidelines of a paleo diet.  That diet (along with a healthy regimen of exercise) is why they look so good and have the energy to keep up with their hectic lifestyles.

I’m actually not a big fan of celebrity gossip or star following, ironic, I know, but as we know, celebs are great at helping something go mainstream.  Turning the conversation away from what they look like to why they look like they do is refreshing.  If the current trend of paleo celebs keeps up, soon we will have a lot more people getting the benefits of the paleo lifestyle and perhaps save a few lives in the process.  And that, is something I can certainly get behind!

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