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I recently received Jenny McGruther’s e-book Grain Free Desserts for review.  It is packed with over 90 simple recipes for grain free desserts saving me from ever having to google “paleo-insert-your-favorite-treat” ever again!  If you know me at all you know how much I love things that save me time.

When we first transitioned to a paleo diet, one of the difficult things was feeling deprived of any sort of treats.  The truth is after a round of the 21 Day Sugar detox and just living this way for a spell the cravings aren’t really there very often.  Nowadays, treats are an occasional thing in our household.  Something we enjoy at gatherings or on a weekend here and there.  When we do indulge, it is always 100% gluten free and ideally we make it ourselves so we can ensure it is 100% grain free as well! Having a book like this one full of grain free, dairy free dessert recipes at our fingertips is the key to making this happen.

If you’re still new to paleo or just starting out and scratching your head wondering how on earth is this possible, let me give you a little hint:

Transitioning kids to a paleo diet and not having a plan for surviving a birthday party or other gathering typically revolving around food can set you up for an unnecessary headache.

Before Jenny jumps into the recipes she includes an ever-so-helpful chapter explaining the ins and outs of grain free and dairy free baking and also includes a handy conversion chart for substituting this and that (ie if you’re allergic to coconut oil for instance).

Some of the categories of recipes included in this e-book:

  • Breads, Biscuits and Breakfasts
  • Cooked Fruit, Crisps
  • Fruit Sauces and Compotes
  • Frozen Things
  • Candies and Cookies
  • Mousses and Custards

I just finished making the chocolate cupcakes and I’m typing this with my mouth full- they’re SO good- photos to be added soon!

I highly recommend adding this book to your library for when you need a healthy treat at your fingertips!

grain free dairy free desserts


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