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Looking for a cure for eczema? Emily Bartlett, author of books like Feed Your Fertility, has natural eczema cures in her book The Eczema Cure.

If you know anyone who does or who has suffered from eczema, or if unfortunately you happen to suffer from it yourself, you’ll understand how unbelievably unbearable it can be. Eczema is itchy, it dries out your skin, and sometimes it’s even oozy and flaky. Not fun!

This can all lead to a drop in self-confidence, increased levels of stress, increased chances of skin infections, and a drop in physical activity as aggravating that sensitive skin is the last thing you want to do.

Where the problem lies

As with a lot of conventional “treatments” creams and lotions prescribed address the symptoms but not the actual problem help ease the pain and sensitivity of eczema, but it’s limited to that. There’s no wonder cream that gets to the root of the issue and can completely cure eczema.  You have to treat it from the inside out.

My friend Emily Bartlett, author of The Eczema Cure and a Chinese and holistic medicine practitioner here in LA, plus a consultant to patients around the globe, says:

“These treatments fail because stopping the rash does not resolve the reason why the rash is happening in the first place…When a dermatologist gives you creams and medicines to make the skin clear, the internal issues are not addressed.”

Getting to the root of the problem is where Emily and The Eczema Cure come to the rescue. Her book is an amazing resource for anyone who suffers from eczema or, just the nuisance of dry, itchy skin.

Emily is not only my friend, she’s also my acupuncturist and the only doctor my kids visit regularly.  I consider her my pediatrician and after 14 years of searching for the ideal primary care doc for my littles, I can finally say I’ve found the one.  Whew!

What’s great about Emily is that she isn’t just a practitioner telling you what you should do; she’s a mother who understands the daily struggle of this condition from having a daughter who used suffer with eczema. Take a look at this before and after of her gorgeous daughter- insane, huh?

eczema pictures

It’s all in the diet

The biggest offender when it comes to any skin issue is our diet! Eczema is no different, and you know what that means? You have the power to make it all go away!

Emily provides a clear and easy-to-follow 4-step plan including plenty of easy healing recipes to cure eczema from the inside out. There may not be any quick fixes, but with proper care, you CAN heal.

From eliminating environmental and stress triggers, to strengthening your defenses and maintaining a real food diet, Emily guides you to a healthier lifestyle and ultimately calm, healthy skin.

eczema cure


Whether you’re paleo or not, if you’re suffering from eczema, this is the book for you! So, if you’d like to learn more for yourself or maybe even a friend in need, take the first step in the recovery to eczema with The Eczema Cure. It’s informative, it’s easy for anyone to follow, and it can help you achieve the piece of mind that there is something you can do to see true results.

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