Eric’s paleo journey

What is the Paleo question?

I didn’t know the Paleo question when I started this journey with Sylvie.  Here is what I knew:  I felt slow, sluggish.  I got winded easily.  My joints hurt.  The vision in my right eye was getting worse.  I was on a hunger roller coaster – I went from too full to starving every few hours.  It was tough to lose weight.  My ideal weight in my mind was continuing to rise….185….195….I’ll be happy under 200….205 isn’t that bad….everyone aspires to be at the weight they were when they got married, right?  205 is great!  I feel fine.EricBefore1

I was lying to myself.  I was NOT feeling fine.  I was tired.  I had little energy.

I think the Paleo question is WHY?  Why am I sluggish?  Why do my joints hurt?  Why is my vision getting worse?  Why did I feel awful after eating and then starving a few hours later?

The standard answers to these questions are easy – you’re getting old.  You’re overweight.  That’s just the way it is.

Standard answers didn’t work for me:  Reduce portion size.  Exercise.  Been there, done that.  Lost weight and gained it right back again.

I wanted off the roller coaster.

I got off a plane from Abu Dhabi after 7 months of being without my wife and children.  I weighed 235 pounds.

I didn’t know it at the time, but we were about to find the Paleo answer.  Both of us went about trying to get healthy.  We started walking everywhere as much as we could.   Eventually we stumbled upon paleo.   Sylvie started right away, but I was skeptical. Sylvie was starting to feel better so I decided to give it a try.

That was almost a year ago.  I am now 170 pounds.  The vision in my right is fine.  My joints don’t hurt.  I have energy again.  I feel light on my feet.  The best part?  I am never hungry.  I eat as much as I want and I don’t think about calories.  I can’t gain weight!  I got off the roller coaster and life is good.  I see a field and I know I can sprint to the other side with my kids and actually beat them there.  I have a 14 year old, so that’s not easy!  How many parents can say that?  I feel like we stumbled upon a secret to good health that very few people believe or care to try.

The great thing about the paleo answer is that is has us questioning everything.  The bottom line is that only we have our best interests at heart.  If we want to succeed in health, in finance, in life, we have to find the right answers for us.

The best way to start is to ask the right questions.