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Eric is so in love with his razor he decided to write a review about it!


It’s a perfect Father’s Day gift if you haven’t thought of anything already!

Does the razor make the man or the man make the razor?

Shaving your face sucks.  It’s easy to cut yourself, and if your blade is dull it hurts, especially with tough beards.  I decided that I should invest in a decent razor.  A razor that the old-timers would recognize, not some fancy, electric, 3-D, 10-blade, gives-you-three-wishes-every-time-you-use-it, plastic razor.  So I went old-school.  I bought a metal, chrome plated safety razor, an old style badger-hair brush, a shaving mug and some old school bay rum soap to go with it.  Best shaving decision I ever made!  These razors are SHARP, so it makes it easy to cut through tough beards.  The soap smells great and really creates a layer between my face and the blade.  It’s the closest shave I have ever had at home, and I used to use a “fancy” electric razor.  The bonus is that the blades are really cheap so it pays for itself.  I was so tired of paying $20 for a 4 pack of replacements.  What kind of craziness is that?  This is sharper, cheaper (100 replacement razors for $10!!!), and lets face it, when you shave like this you bring out your inner manly man.
Sylvie adds: I love that its a bit less wasteful than its cheaper counterparts too!

This is the kit I got: Razor kit and Replacement blades


What are you getting your dad or husband for Father’s Day? Do you think they’d go “old school” for shaving?


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