Hollywood Homestead
Below you'll find a few of our favorite things! We get emails all the time asking for recommendations and so this page was born! 
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Pantry Staples
Coconut Aminos
(great for sushi!)
Supplements and Superfoods
(Great to put in tea or coffee!)
My Bathroom Cabinet
Menstrual cup 
for post childbirth
Epsom Salt
(If used in the bath it helps calm the kids down right before bed)
How I Get the Best Sleep
Black-out Curtains
(essential for a good night’s sleep, especially in the summer)
My Garden
My Medicine Cabinet
Kitchen Appliances I Can't Live Without
Instant Pot
(I LOVE this thing!  It makes life SO much easier!)
My Berkey Filter
(An essential part of our kitchen!)
My Pots
(An essential part of our kitchen!)
For my favorite SIBO related resources please check out this separate page.