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Kick the Weight with Keto

Trying and trying to lose weight but nothing getting you where you want to be? If this is the all too common problem you face, then it’s time to take a note from Kim Knoch from the Eat Fat Lose Fat blog and her new book, Kick the Weight with Keto, which is all about how a paleo ketogenic diet can help you lose weight.

Now I must begin by saying there’s a BIG difference between nutritional ketosis, or “keto” for short, and ketoacidosis. You may have heard of ketoacidosis, which is a serious, medical condition.  By contrast, a keto diet is a great way to help you burn fat, rather than glucose, as a source of energy.

Kim’s Story

Kim Knoch is the first person to admit she has struggled with her weight over the years, and this book about the ketogenic diet is a raw reveal to the struggles she’s faced trying numerous diets, with the highs and lows that will always come with dramatic changes to your lifestyle.

Kim documents that she first began a Weston A Price diet some 7 years ago. Although initially seeing some weight loss, Kim soon began experiencing issues including joint pain, wild swings in blood sugar and mood swings.

It wasn’t until 2012 that Kim started to employ nutritional ketosis, while incorporating a few things she had had success with through a paleo diet to form her now paleo keto diet.

The Fat That Fuels You

A paleo ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate protein, low-carbohydrate diet where you train your brain to use ketones for fuel instead of glucose. I know what you must be thinking: she wants me to eat a high-fat diet??? Why yes 🙂 By lowering your carbohydrate intake enough, your body will start to break down that fat for fuel! By following paleo keto, Kim has lost an amazing 40 pounds, and she describes it not just as a diet she’s trying, rather a “lifestyle, something that I should–no–that I could maintain over years.” Kick the Weight with Keto

Wouldn’t you just love to stick your teeth into piece or 2 of this amazing keto diet crispy cauliflower crust pizza! YUM!

keto diet recipe

Try Out The Keto Diet!

A paleo ketogenic diet incorporates much of a straight paleo diet, using high-fat, moderate protein, and low carb guidelines. She even gives you suggestions of what to eat and what to avoid to help kick your body into a state of nutritional ketosis. Kim states that it will take between 2-4 weeks for your body to get into full ketosis, so, within Kick the Weight with Keto you’ll find 2 weeks of suggested meal plans PLUS a ton of recipes!

The Ongoing Battle

I absolutely love how real and open Kim is throughout the whole book about her journey and that it is by no means complete. She didn’t want to wait until the “perfect” time to reveal her lifestyle, rather give a guide to show that a paleo keto diet can work and how she plans to continue a paleo ketogenic diet until she can achieve and maintain what she never thought possible.

Not Just For Losing Weight

Kim makes it a point that this type of diet isn’t just to shed the pounds, but importantly to lead a healthier life which I just LOVE. What is really cool about Keto is that cancer cells aren’t able to run on ketones, and currently doctors are looking into the keto diets to form a part of cancer treatment!  She also speaks about how ketogenic diets have been used to treat epilepsy! Amazingly, when employing the diet, “for two-thirds of people with epilepsy, their seizures improve significantly, and for one-third they stop entirely.”  WHAT?!  Maybe I’m dreaming but one day instead of “walking for the cure” we may be running nutrition workshops for the cure.  I freaking hope so!

Learn More

This book is truly inspiring and helps act as a reminder that with a bit of hard work, dedication, and abiding by a healthy diet—whether that be a paleo ketogenic or straight paleo one—that anyone who isn’t where they want to be can turn that corner and rediscover a healthy lifestyle. So, if you’re ready to get back out there and want to enjoy the fruits of a truly remarkable diet, then this is for you!

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What dietary approaches have you previously used to lose weight? Were they successful? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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