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Can I just confess that I’m Michelle (aka Nom Nom Paleo)‘s biggest fan?  I’ve been following her work and drool-worthy photos since I first transitioned to paleo.  Seeing her delicious meals which she effortlessly put together between juggling her job as a zombie drug dealer, superhero wife and mom and her blog made me think maybe, just maybe I’d be able to ditch the pasta and give this real food thing a go.

nom nom paleo

When her book, Nom Nom Paleo – Food for Humans, first came out I immediately ordered several copies, before I’d even held one in my hands because I knew they’d be the perfect Christmas gift.  I gave it to celebrities I work with and family members and everyone had similar feedback: stunning, hilarious, super useful, delicious.  

What more do you need?

Nom Nom Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo

Paleo or not, if you like food you need this book.  Whether you’re a seasoned chef or like me, barely know how to turn on the dishwasher (true story), Nom Nom Paleo Food for Humans makes things simple without sacrificing flavor.

Speaking of flavor, Michelle is all about umami and is the reason I started using Red Boat fish sauce in all the things.  (Is there anything you can’t use this stuff on? Doubt it!)

Back to the book… The 2 recipes that I wanted to try right away were the chopped liver and bacon and the veal meatballs (poplette di vitello).

I try to get lots of liver in my diet because, after a lifetime of crappy food, I need all the nutrients I can get.  But, I don’t love it, I endure it.  I knew I could count on Nom Nom Paleo to change that 🙂

With just a handful of ingredients and a skillet I now have my go to liver recipe:

Chopped Liver and Bacon from Nom Nom Paleo – Food for Humans


What’s so special about these meatballs?  They taste like the real deal, you know, the ones with breadcrumbs?  Yeah, like that, except they won’t cause the digestive armageddon that those would for those of us that are gluten intolerant.

The spice combo in these suckers is fab!

Veal Meatballs from Nom Nom Paleo – Food for Humans


I don’t buy cookbooks very often.  Mostly because I’m a bit of a minimalist (a result of several international moves I suppose) so, when I buy a book it has to be one I know I will use to death.

This is one of those books.  It’s definitely earned it’s spot on my shelf 🙂

If you want a book I promise you’ll be referencing for years to come for everything from making perfect hard boiled eggs you can actually peel, to the last guacamole recipe you’ll ever need to awesomesauce mayo and everything in between, I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy of this book.

You can purchase Nom Nom Paleo – Food for Humans here.

Looking forward to seeing Michelle and my other paleo homies this weekend at Paleo F(x)!  Not going?  Check out the livestream here!

What recipe are you most excited about from Nom Nom’s book?  Tell me in the comments below!

goofing off with Suzanne from Pastured Kitchen and Sean from Free Range Human at Nom Nom Paleo’s book signing:


Last year at Paleo F(x) with Josh from Slim Palate, Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo and Diane of Balanced Bites


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