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When I learned that Emily Bartlett, author of The Eczema Cure that I have reviewed here, had written a book about fertility and diet titled Feed Your Fertility, I was excited! I know many people who have had infertility struggles so I am happy to be sharing this resource with you now.

With her co-author, licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and birth doula Laura Erlich, Emily, who is also a Chinese medical practitioner and fertility diet specialist here in Los Angeles, in this book provides a great resource and how-to best treat your body when it comes to conception, fertility, and food.

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What may have to be my favorite part of this new fertility diet book is a subject that I think we all need to do a lot more of…

Embrace The Fat for Fertility!

As a big, bold heading, there’s no way you can miss out on reading why we should all Eat More Fat! I’ve mentioned before the importance of saturated fats when it comes to some of the body’s vital functions, and this book reiterates just how essential they can be for our fertility. Saturated fats in our diet help with strengthening cell membranes, protecting against toxins, and fortifying our immune system. We can get a plentiful supply of these saturated fats from the likes of pastured meats, whole eggs and coconut oil.  Bonus: it’s freaking delicious.

From a Chinese medicine point of view, Feed Your Fertility reiterates that:

“Healthy saturated fats help to build Yin and Blood, which translates to having adequate cholesterol for producing hormones, supporting nerve function and making sure the membranes around all of our cells are working properly.”

Feeding Your Life

Food IS the best prenatal nutrition, and we all have the ability to implement excellent nutritional habits through our diet. Feed Your Fertility provides a very informative rundown of the importance of omega 3s, vitamin D, vitamin A, antioxidants and much more in the fertility diet process that we can be applying from day one! Now I’m sure you’ve heard it all before about what foods to eat and which ones to stay away from, but for those women who want extra nutritional insurance, YOU MUST…

Choose a REAL Prenatal Vitamin!

What exactly does that mean? Well, if you’re choosing a prenatal vitamin, make sure it’s one that your body can digest and utilize. Unfortunately, there are many traditional prenatal vitamins that contain synthetic forms of the key nutrients you think you’re getting, so realistically you could be making your body work harder than it really has to.

Even contaminants like LEAD, one of the leading causes of developmental issues in children, have been found in some of the commercial prenatals many women turn to. No thank you!

So, what’s the safest way to go? WHOLE FOOD SOURCES! Feed Your Fertility writes that this is the best way you can protect yourself from contaminants and low nutrient absorption, and although it may not be in your prescription coverage, this isn’t the time to be cutting corners.



Fertility Diet for Advanced Maternal Age

One topic we hear constantly when it comes to fertility is a woman’s concern about her age.  Am I too old to have a baby?

Sometimes raising a family isn’t an option or first on the agenda for many women, and although we’d like to think we can have it all, there’s that little thing known as biology that can get in our way. But the fact still remains that older women ARE having babies. While age is an undeniable factor when it comes to a woman’s capacity to get pregnant, this book gives hope to those still looking to have a child that by changing your diet and lifestyle habits, putting yourself first and controlling your stress levels, you can go a long way to turning back the biological clock and boosting fertility.

Although western medicine offers little when it comes to turning back that clock, amazingly, Chinese medicine does…

Having a healthy, regular menstrual cycle is the cornerstone of improving fertility health, and Chinese medicine shines when it comes to this. Using ‘phasic’ herbs and acupuncture treatments to regulate and support the cycle, women may find themselves ovulating and menstruating more regularly, with less pain and clotting, feeling less PMS, having better, clearer cervical fluid at ovulation, and experiencing an improved libido.

That improved libido may come in handy.

Finding A Balance

In the end, it all comes down to finding that balance in our health to promote fertility. This book isn’t just a grocery checklist to follow, it offers various elements of Chinese medicine to help support any disharmonies you may experience, as well as herbal formulas and ways that acupuncture, among many other things, can help to bring your reproductive system into balance.

There’s no better time to grab yourselves a copy of Feed Your Fertility than right now, as for a limited time only, it is being offered to you at 20% off! All you need to do is enter code LAUNCH when you checkout, and you can get this book for a fraction of the cost.

Click Here To Learn More and Order your Copy

Please note: while Emily and Laura are health professionals they are not your health professionals evaluating your individual situation.  As with everything you should always seek the advice of YOUR own health professionals before acting on something that they have published or recommended.

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